Annual Meeting, July 25, 2020

Aloha members of the Honolulu Mens Shed:
According to Article IV of the current By Laws for the Honolulu Mens Shed, it is required that the Shed hold an annual meeting when a report to the membership of current financials, status of operations and the election of officers and directors.  The announcement of the meeting must be made 60 days prior to the date of the meeting.  This year’s meeting is scheduled for July 25, 2020 and this email is to serve as the 60 days notice for that meeting.

The Honolulu Men’s Shed Board requests your presence and participation in this important event as the Shed continues to improve serving the needs of its membership.  Hopefully, depending on the COVID-19 guidelines in place on the meeting date, we will also try to schedule a Sausage Sizzle.

Our Board and Officers serve for a one year term and the by-laws allow those wanting to serve another one year term to be placed on the ballot.  The meeting will also provide the opportunity for other shed members’ to join and serve on the board.  Members will be considered to be those who have paid their dues for the 2020 membership year.

More details on the meeting including a proxy form will be emailed to you at a later time.  Please know that in order to have an official meeting, a quorum of more than 50% of the members must be met.  The quorum can be met either with members physically present or present by proxy (i.e. those present + available proxies = >50%).



Michael J. Trojan
President, Honolulu Mens Shed