All Hands on Deck! Work party begins this Saturday, September 21st, with our monthly sizzle.

Aloha everyone:

The Shed needs your help. Beginning Saturday, September 21st and running to Saturday, September 28th, the Shed is having a Work Party and we need your help. The Operations committee has outlined an ambitious schedule of tasks that they want to get done in a short amount of time. The only way to get this done is with everyone’s help. Let us know when you can be available. If you want to work on something outside of the hours we have listed let us know and we’ll see if we can set it up.

The Shed Operations Committee was recently tasked with making room for parking spaces as a priority. The upcoming work party is mostly about implementing the floor plan, updated. Progress was gained by the previous work party. Valuable real estate was recovered when donations/sales moved into new shelving, and when the standing lumber went into the corner box. More progress toward parking spaces is anticipated with the upcoming work party. Michael pointed out parking is a priority, and we cannot count on help from the State. Parking progress allows addressing Shop needs next, as seen in the accompanying sample of work party tasks.

The Mens Shed will be open for an eight day work party next week. The Shed will be open Saturday 9/21 through Saturday 9/28, 9AM-3PM, or later if you wish, (includes two Saturdays). Any time you can spare, on any day, will help improve The Shed.

Here is a sample of what is planned. Sequencing of tasks will be dialed in later.

  • Clear a path for forklift, and move the wooden shelving out of the workshop.
  • Change the set up of some shop machines for safer execution. (operators are colliding)
  • Position work tables after modifying machinery set up.
  • Complete the overhead structure for distributing electricity and vacuum to tables and machines.
  • Install electric and vacuum supply, to where it needs to go.
  • Move palletized stuff outside, daily if needed, for elbow room.
  • Finish assembling shelving on south wall.
  • Put palletized logs up on shelves.
  • Put ShopSmith, remaining donations/sales, etc up on shelves.
  • General clean up.
  • Decide what can be kept/donated/sold/discarded.
  • Dismantle the (green steel) platform on south wall.
  • Assemble the 4x9x12′ tall steel shelves. Put them on south wall.
  • Put the rolling toolbox in shop area, with tools for the machines etc.
  • Re-organize the tool room.
  • Organize, install items at each workbench, ie brush/dustpan etc.
  • Install the kitchen sink with countertop (now upstairs) on south side of entrance.
  • Move all cleaning gear to south side of entrance.
  • Paint walls for shelves/craft sales area. Hang plastic sheeting against dust.
  • Make sales area a welcoming reception area.
  • Plan space for metal work needs, near the side door.
  • ….Plus more….

This scheme is brought to you by your friendly Operations Committee.

Suggestions? Please email Charlie McLaughlin chrlymc@yahoo,com.

Contact Charlie McLaughlin at, with any questions or details about your availability. You can also email or and one of us will get back to you.

The party starts this Saturday, September 21st with our monthly sizzle. See you there!

Tool donations

Tool donations are back!  After having tool donations take a short break, the Shed is now in a position to take tool donations.  We’re asking that anyone who would like to donate tools first contact the Operations Committee and if possible, email with pictures of the tools or give a short description.  You can send the email to or call Charlie McLaughlin at 808-896.6101.  Mahalo!

Missing bike

It’s sad to report that one of the bicycles that was donated to the Shed and rehabbed to top condition by the Shed’s professional bike crew has turned up missing.  It’s a valuable custom made bike made in Japan.  Please let us know if anyone has any information to offer.

Christmas is coming! Let’s be ready.

Need some help.  The plan is to create several projects where everyone no matter their skill level, can help in creating items that we can sell for Christmas gifts.  We plan to have items at the Shed store and there are a craft show or two as well.  Keep in touch as there will be more announcements in the next week or so.  The idea is get everything ready by early November.  Got any ideas?  Let us know.

Charlie’s Angels visit the Shed!!!

Charlie McLaughlin, Operations Committee Chairman, sent out a call for help and the Angels came, they saw and they conquered!  Stuff got moved, shelves got built and the much needed organization of the Shed got a great start!  These Angels might not look like the Hollywood version but they did a ton of work.

There’s still more to do, so be on the look out for requests for help.  If you missed this work party don’t feel bad, there will be lots more opportunities to help.

Good job Charlie!  Thanks for getting this major project off to a good start.

Super Summer Sizzle at the Shed!!!

Aloha Members and Friends of the Honolulu Mens Shed:

This Saturday, August 17, 2019, we’re having our Super Summer Sausage Sizzle at the Honolulu Mens Shed!

Hopefully, we’ll have some special guests as I invited Bob Freeman, one of our members, to bring his 427 Cobra for all us car guys to drool over.  I’m expecting him to bring a couple of friends that also have Cobras, so be sure to show up, not only for lunch, but for a Honolulu Mens Shed car show!

See you then!


New Open Hours at the Shed

Aloha members and friends of the Honolulu Mens’ Shed:

At the request of several members that the Shed be available at times other than Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the Shed will now be open, as of Sunday, August 11th, on Sundays from 9AM to 1PM (+/-).

Please remember that to properly man the Shed during its open hours, a certified first aid person and a Shed boss must be present.  We will have a sign up sheet at the Shed for the first aider and boss that will be present during these new hours.

Please let Charlie McLaughlin (, Operations Committee Chairman) or me know if you have any questions.

See you at the Shed!


Election held, no hanging chads, officers elected!

The officers for the next year are, from left to right:

Tay Perry, Vice President

Jadine Lee, Secretary

Bob Olson, Treasurer

Chris Melahn, Board member

Glenn Sears, Board Member

Michael Trojan, President

Charlie McLaughlin, Board Member

Feel free to send your congratulations to!

Mahalo to all of those who attended our annual meeting and a big Mahalo to our world class chefs that took care of the burgers and dogs. From left to right: Bob Jewell, Mark Campbell and Charlie McLaughlin.