Code of Conduct & By-Laws

1. Safety is number one! Work safely and obey all safety rules.

2. All Shed members are created equal and will be treated with respect.

3. Abusive and/or threatening language directed at a member in anger will not be tolerated.

4. Use of illegal drugs is not permitted in the Shed at any time.

5. Appropriate amounts of alcohol is only consumed when no other “work” activities are taking place that involve the use of power tools or equipment. Example: Sausage Sizzle BBQ.

6. Language belittling any individuals or groups of people for their race, gender, age, abilities, politics, or religion is unacceptable.

7. Physical confrontations will result in explusion.

8. See something – Say something. Report all safety and conduct concerns.

To read or download all of the governing by-laws for the Honolulu Mens Shed, click the button below.